Skin Medica is an aesthetic skin care line sold only  to physicians.  It contains both prescription and non-prescription products that are formulated to enhance skin appearance, reduce signs of aging, and provide other skin care benefits.  There is a  full range of Skin Medica products such as cleansers, toners, skin brightening, rejuvenation, sun protection, age defense, moisturizers, acne treatment, redness relief and scar reduction.




Skin Medica’s breakthrough technology emerged  from an unusual source.  Tissue nutrient solution (TNS), was discovered as a by-product from commercial collagen production. When creating collagen (a building block of skin) in the lab, human skin cells are grown in a nutrient rich medium.    The skin cells are stimulated to produce natural growth factors that increase collagen production.  This is where TNS was first discovered. Skin Medica, was able to extract these growth factors and produce a physiologically balanced solution.  Skin Medica TNS is a revolutionary mixture of these human growth factors that can revitalize and rejuvenate skin.  TNS is available in both TNS Essential Serum and TNS Recovery Complex.  The recovery complex is pure TNS growth factors while the essential serum adds a corrective complex with peptides, antioxidants, skin brighteners and moisturizers.  Both have been clinically proven to stimulate the repair of photodamaged and aging skin.